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Welcome to The Committee for Mornington Peninsula

We all love living and working on the Peninsula. Our future centres on creating opportunities and the best living conditions for every generation. To meet this need, we can and must do a better job at attracting State and Federal Government funding support, policy attention and sustainable investment.

Whilst not immediately evident to all, there are very real social and economic challenges our community faces, and it is only with all of us bringing our best contribution forward can we hope to have front-of-mind with decision makers and to secure positive action to see them addressed.

Thinking Ahead

Our approach is to be future focused and research and evidence based to ensure our work is strongly directed at driving, developing and safeguarding the future prosperity and sustainability of the Mornington Peninsula and the region.


As an independent, membership-based organisation we work collaboratively with stakeholders, opinion leaders, influencers and policy makers to support our regions development.


It is our intent to have a membership base of local, national and international organisations and individuals who set aside commercial gain, sectoral interests and personal perspectives to provide a united voice on the issues facing the Mornington Peninsula.

Current Members

Our current member body includes leading businesses from a wide variety of sectors, and
we especially thank our Platinum Members for their positive contribution and investment in the region.


Why are we important?

The Committee for Mornington Peninsula has been formed because we need to work with our community and all levels of government to address our challenges.


Our Purpose

The purpose of the Association is to be an independent, member-based organisation committed to leading and influencing long-term outcomes and contributing to the strategic objectives for the broader Mornington Peninsula.

The Association works beyond electoral cycles and partisan politics with the aim of enhancing the social, economic and environmental sustainability to improve livability, growth and sustainability of the region.

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Our Latest News

No clarity from the Government on restrictions for the Mornington Peninsula

At Tuesdays COVID-19 update the Premier Daniel Andrews told journalists he would have announcements to make tomorrow regarding the Mornington Peninsula – unfortunately the only announcements made on Wednesday related to roadblocks and the Mornington Peninsula continues to be in “no man’s land”.

Mornington Peninsula businesses beyond frustrated about the Andrews Government not providing a fair playground

Today Daniel Andrews announced that despite Geelong having 59 active cases, Colac Otway having 76 active case, and the Mornington Peninsula having just 14 active cases, local Geelong and Colac Otway businesses can continue to trade but not the businesses on the Mornington Peninsula. 

Local ‘Think Tank’ survey shows community support for the Baxter Rail Project

A recent survey undertaken by the Committee for Mornington Peninsula (CfMP) showed that of the 191 respondents, 87% supported the electrification of the rail line from Frankston to Baxter.