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our purpose

Our Purpose

The Committee for Mornington Peninsula is an independent, member-based organisation committed to leading and influencing long-term outcomes and contributing to our strategic objectives for the Mornington Peninsula.

The Committee works beyond electoral cycles and partisan politics to enhance social, economic, and environmental sustainability to improve our region's liveability, growth, and sustainability.

This purpose will be achieved by:

  • Working with local, state, and federal governments to support the Mornington Peninsula’s future positive image, growth, and development;
  • Raising the profile of the Mornington Peninsula as a desirable place to work, open, grow business and live;
  • Advocating for and assisting in the economic growth of the Mornington Peninsula region by improving access to investment opportunities and employment;
  • Advocating for improving regional connectivity, including public transport, facilities and infrastructure to encourage an increase in the workforce;
  • Seeking to shape policy to ensure the future prosperity of the Mornington Peninsula;
  • Bringing together community, business and government to develop a vision for the Mornington Peninsula; and
  • Facilitating the implementation of agreed objectives.