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The Mornington Peninsula is a diverse region that encompasses over 30 townships, stretching from Somerville and Mount Eliza in the north, and extending to the southern most locations of Flinders, Cape Schanck and Portsea.

The picturesque region receives a seasonal influx of visitors who enjoy its famous beaches, golf courses, vineyards and other world-class attractions.

It is also the second most valuable agricultural region in the state, producing a very high-quality product and a significant portion of the total wealth generated from Victorian agriculture.

Mornington Peninsula residents are employed across various industries, the largest of which being construction, health care, retail, education services, hospitality and manufacturing sectors.

Regional Challenges

Most visitors to the region are not aware of the unique challenges and under-investment in basic services that residents of the Mornington Peninsula face. 

The statistical profile of the Mornington Peninsula, the challenging 'reality' many citizens face, and the social challenges in a number of our communities motivate the shared belief that we can do better as a region for all our residents.


Only 50% of students starting Year 7 at Westernport Secondary College will complete Year 12


Youth unemployment in Tanti Park is estimated to be 45%


Homelessness in the region is increasing, and in some areas up to 10x the national rate


Road fatalities and serious injuries are the second highest in the state (per 100,000 population)