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Improving & Developing Infrastructure that Supports Economic Activity and Jobs

The Mornington Peninsula faces significant transport infrastructure challenges. In fact, our region has the lowest access to public transport facilities within metropolitan Melbourne. This impacts our community by inhibiting access to educational services, jobs and visitor connections to the region.


  1. Identify transport infrastructure and linkages that impede access to employment and education
  2. Advocate for strategic transport priorities that enable investment, sustainable economic activity and jobs
  3. Pursue the development of infrastructure to enable Class A recycled water to be affordably available to support the region’s agricultural production Undertake, in partnership with credible research and industry collaborators, an economic assessment of the impact of this region being designated ‘regional’ and where servicing and support for the regional falls short of reasonable and/or stated ‘metropolitan’ standards
  4. Urge a re-examination of State Government policy to better support the considered development of the Port of Hastings and to reduce the potential environmental to Port Phillip
  5. Seek priority action on poor broadband and mobile services
  6. Support the staged electrification of the rail line beyond Frankston along the Stony Point line and freight rail connections to Cranbourne line