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Securing Regional Designation and Access to Commensurate Support

Regional Victoria has access to a wide range of Victorian Government initiatives through agencies such as Regional Development Victoria. These include reductions in payroll tax, land tax, and access to the $500m Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund to assist overcoming the challenges that come with living and working outside of urban areas.

Although regional by nature, the entire Mornington Peninsula forms part of Metropolitan Melbourne. This mean our residents and businesses face all the challenges of a regional community, with none of the regionally-specific support services.


  1. Examine and publicize the comparative advantages and disadvantages of similar communities currently designated ‘regional’ and the stated policy reason for this region’s status
  2. Maintain a record of favourable policy decisions and funding announcements that benefit comparable ‘regional’ communities and were not made available to our region
  3. Undertake, in partnership with credible research and industry collaborators, an economic assessment of the impact of this region being designated ‘regional’ and where servicing and support for the regional falls short of reasonable and/or stated ‘metropolitan’ standards
  4. Advocate for the designation of the Mornington Peninsula as a ‘regional’ community initially at a program-by-program level, through private service providers and then at a whole-of-government level