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Economic Disadvantage Report

Part 6: Regulations & Planning


The Green Wedge Zone provides the appropriate balance of permitted uses and protections for the Mornington Peninsula, however Green Wedge Zones are currently only applied to parts of Metropolitan Melbourne. 

Senior legal counsel obtained by the Committee for Mornington Peninsula indicates that a regional designation could be achieved whilst retaining the existing protection afforded to green wedge land in the Shire.

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This research was conducted by Urban Enterprise as commissioned by the Committee for Mornington Peninsula in partnership with Australian Unity.

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  • Continue to advocate to government at all levels to adequately support Mornington Peninsula businesses in the COVID recovery;
  • Advocate to state and federal governments for further investment into the Mornington Peninsula to reduce the current disparity in public investment between the Mornington Peninsula and neighbouring municipalities;
  • Commission and publicise robust research into the potential policy and funding advantages and disadvantages of a regional vs. metropolitan designation for the Mornington Peninsula, to best inform further advocacy objectives;
  • Advocate to elected representatives on all sides of politics for a more suitable designation for the Mornington Peninsula than the current metropolitan model or for commensurate government investment under the current model; and
  • Maintain a record of favourable policy decisions and funding announcements that benefit comparable ‘regional’ communities and were not made available to the Mornington Peninsula.